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Get Rid of Unwanted Pests

Do you have unwanted pests in your yard?  Maybe you have fire ants?  Who do you call when you want to rid yourself of these intruders?  Call Miller’s!  Our technicians are licensed in outdoor pesticides to remove these party crashers from your landscape.

Weeds covering your beautifully manicured lawn or garden bed?  There are a few options to eliminate weeds from your grass and beds.  We have an over-the-top broadleaf herbicide to spray in beds where you have shrubs and flowers or on your grass.  Use of preemergents can prevent different types of weeds at different seasons of the year.  Herbicides are a great way to keep your landscape weed free.  Undesired grass can also cause a problem in your landscape.  We use herbicides to control those problem areas too.

Fungicide products have been developed to help manage specific plant diseases. There is no one product suitable for every situation. Timing of the fungicide application can enhance the effectiveness of the product and prevent additional sprays.  Because of the wide range of problems that occurs on the many plants in a landscape, determining which disease is affecting the plant or turfgrass is often difficult. Correctly diagnosing disease problems is critical because treatment recommendations are vastly different for different disease problems.   Allow our licensed staff to diagnose and treat the problem areas in your turf and plants.