Answers to some common questions

Miller’s Lawn & Landscaping in Dunn, NC is pleased to answer a few common questions we hear from our customers. If you have questions not answered here, feel free to contact our helpful staff at any time.

Do you install outdoor lighting and hardscapes?
Our team is happy to provide outdoor lighting installation services and install other electrical work in water features. We take pride in our hardscapes, whether they are designed to be attractive in a residential setting or practical in a commercial or industrial setting. We have two experts in building retaining walls and working with concrete.

Why is it important to care for my lawn year around?
Like all plants, the grass in your lawn changes from season to season. Our team can give your grass professional attention all year long with seasonal upkeep like leaf raking and snow removal as well as important services like fertilization and aeration.

What kind of seasonal landscaping services does Miller’s Lawn & Landscaping offer?
We provide fall clean-up, spring clean-up, leaf removal, snow removal, new planting, trimming, pruning and more. If you feel like it’s important for your business to present the best possible front to the world, we can keep your property looking clean, trim, and attractive year around.

Do my trees and shrubs need fertilizer?
Your trees and shrubs should be fertilized twice a year to maintain their health and beauty. Fertilization helps sustain plant growth and keep your trees and shurbs strong regardless of fluctuating temperatures and environmental conditions.

I water by hand; is an automatic sprinkler that much better?
Yes! A new automatic sprinkler system will provide the right amount of water to individual lawn and garden areas. Automatic sprinkler systems also save time by watering your landscape whether you are at home or away. You will actually conserve water using an automatic sprinkler system. The irrigation system’s controller and rain sensor are set so you only receive the amount of water you need.

I want to deal with your company’s principals and decision makers.
Of course you do! Our company takes pride in giving each residential, commercial and industrial customer the same consideration, personalized service and interaction with our company’s principals. Since we are a family-run business, make a point of treating all our customers like family and giving each project careful, personal attention.

Can you handle major, ongoing commercial projects?
Absolutely. We have plenty of heavy equipment, years of experience and a staff that can handle all the details of billing and project management. We are also happy to work with planners or architects to install lovely landscapes from your existing design plans.

I love your plan, but I can’t afford to do all the work at once.
We realize that sometimes projects need to be completed in stages over a specified period of time in order to achieve your dream landscape. We are happy to schedule your project so it works with your budget and your schedule.

How does the new tree injection treatment work?
The state of the art treatment system works by injecting nutrients, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators (pgr) directly into the tree’s system using a specialized injector. It is safer for the trees than the traditional treatment which requires drilling, leaving the treated tree vulnerable to insects and diseases. It is also environmentally safe because there is no exposure of chemical spray to children, pets or other plants.

Call us today for a free estimate on your property. We look forward to serving you in the near future.