Lawn Care

Over 30 years taking care of NC

Millers Lawn Maintenance in NC

Residential: With Miller’s Lawn & Landscaping professional home landscape installation and maintenance, bring your lawn to new heights of beauty.  We offer many different services to keep your yard maintained.  Regular maintenance includes mowing the grass, using an edger to keep definition in your driveways, curbing, and sidewalks and using a string trimmer to clean up where the mowers cannot reach.  We also offer tree and shrub trimming and maintenance, leaf removal, fertilizing, overseeding, weed control, and a large list of other services for your lawn & landscaping needs.  With our year-round maintenance program you can relax and let Miller’s take care of every aspect in your yard for you.

Commercial:  We maintain numerous utility sites, well lots, and sewer lots for different companies.  Well lots and sewer lots are maintained by mowing, weed eating, edging, and using backpack blowers to clean up unwanted debris from parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.  We also clean fence lines and right of ways with saws, string trimmers, brush cutters on tractors and skid steers.  We provide excavation services on call with backhoes and mini excavators.  At sewer lots and sewer line right of ways, rocks are sprayed for grass.  Maintenance on utility sites includes mowing, weed eating, spraying, and trash removal.  We also pour concrete pads.   Mulching and pine straw spreading is also available.  Other services include outdoor pest control, weed control, fire ant control, seeding, fertilization, shrub and tree trimming, leaf removal, and snow and ice control.